Food Trucks

Unfortunately not all food trucks are able to operate the entire year long. That is especially the case for operations in states like Minnesota where the winter seems to take up more than half of the year. This means that not only do you have to store the truck for the colder month’s, but you have to work even harder to keep up when the season is on.

Don’t let your mobile kitchen be a stereotype

With all facets of a restaurant, maintenance is going to be necessary to ensure clean, safe, functional operations of all the equipment, and the interior itself should be presentable to the guests from the outside.

This can be very difficult during the summer and spring months when 90% of your days are spent either in a commissary preparing or on the street serving. Winter then becomes a perfect time to ensure your routine maintenance is being performed.

Before you store your mobile kitchen for the winter you should:

  • Remove all dirt, grease, and oil build-up from the floors, walls, and equipment
  • Inspect cords
  • Clean cooler coils
  • Inspect and replace gaskets
  • Remove visible oil build-up on hood systems
  • Clean driver and passenger seats
  • Clean front cabin
  • General cleaning and scrubbing

Leaving a dirty truck sit over the cold months can make cleanup even more difficult in the spring.

Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance can now perform all of these functions for you. We understand that you need to focus on the business. Let us focus on the preventative maintenance and cleaning.

We perform all cleaning and scrubbing along with basic equipment maintenance. We will also note all findings and provide guidance for the best ways to prevent issues from occurring next season. We can then perform any repairs, upgrades, or installs that you choose to do based off our diagnosis. Even if all you need is a clean, we’ll still leave you with options you could perform yourself before getting back on the road.

Don’t want to clean/prevent now. Remember us in the spring and summer. We’ll gladly perform any repairs cleaning or maintenance on your truck and equipment at ANY TIME.

Our professional team is made up of restaurant operators and experienced restaurant facility techs and managers. We understand restaurants and perform maintenance on your food truck like we own it.