About Us

Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance is the solution to all your restaurant facility needs.  We have over 100 years of experience combined in the industry.  Paranoid Android was founded by Pauly Hoffman after leaving a role of over 10 years as a Facilities Manager for one of the largest, most successful quick-service restaurant chains in the US.  Pauly met with many of the operations managers that he had worked with in the past and found that many of them are currently successfully running multiple units in high volume capacities.  He learned quickly they would certainly benefit from having a full-time facility manager, but may not have that position in the budget, or on the business model. Pauly decided to pool all his knowledge, skills, and vendors together to be able to offer his services to anyone in the industry.  We now have a team of qualified, experienced, techs, cleaning, staff, and support members to ensure nothing but the best experience possible while providing world class results in restaurant maintenance.




Baker's Square

Dishwasher, Fry Cook, Broil Cook, Mid Cook,



Cara Vita

Cook, Sous Chef, Training Manager, Catering Coordinator




Apprentice Manager, Restaurant Manager, Senior Restaurant Manager, Restaurateur.




Host Manager, Bar Manager, Service Manager, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager.




Facilities Specialist, Apprentice Facilities Manager, Facilities Manager, Field Leader.


Pauly Hoffman


Pauly has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry.  His vision for the company paves the way to excellent guest service, unmatched service quality, and partnered with cost savings preventative understanding the importance of planning lower costs vs budgeting expensive repairs.

Devin Lasher

Service Technician

Devin joins us with a background in fine dining kitchens, facilities
maintenance, and general engineering.  When he’s not ensuring our
clients restaurants are functioning well you’ll find him near a stack
of speakers or spending time with his family.

Erich Welsch

Part-time Maintenance Technician

He’s worked in fine dining for Country Clubs, managed full service and
quick service concepts both single unit and multi-unit operations. He
also has extensive experience in project management, cleaning,
repairing, sales building, and POS equipment.

Paul B

Service Technician

Paul brings years of cooking experience from both fine dining and pizza
kitchens. You can catch him out and about at various music events as he
has a passion for music and does sound setups for musicians.

Seamus McGregor

Maintenance Technician

Seeamus brings 16 years of both Front and Back of House experience in
fast casual and fine dining.  When he isn’t working on detailing your
food truck you can catch him in the uptown community kitchen or
performing on stage during local open mic nights.


Matt Vroman

Service Technician

Matt has an extensive amount of experience on the construction side of
the business. He has worked as a Facilities Specialist for one of the
nations most popular quick service chains. He can turn any project into
an exciting experience. He’s lightening fast when it comes to repairs.
Matt has been with us for over two years now.

David Donovin

Shop Technician

David spends most of his days in the shop fabricating, designing, and
repairing food trucks.  He runs one of the cleanest, most organized
shops we’ve seen.  He comes to us with experience in construction,
welding, and even spent 7 years as a chef here in the Twin Cities.  In
his spare time you’ll find him under the hood of his custom,
personalized Audi or any other classic sports cars.

Justin Holmgren

General Manager

Justin has 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry in various
leadership positions up to Director of Operations. When Justin isn’t
deploying our technicians to remedy facilities issues for our clients
he spends his time with his wife, two children, and his 2 Goldendoodles.