Gas Hoses

Many restaurants these days operate with most of the kitchen equipment on casters or “wheels”. This means that the gas hoses are on quick disconnects so that they can be disconnected and the equipment can be cleaned behind. Even though there is a quick disconnect the equipment must be pulled out far enough to be able disconnect it. Moving equipment can put stress on a gas hose that isn’t properly installed and cause a gas leak, and costly repair.

Here is a some equipment connected to a wall. The gas hose is secured to the gas line and then the disconnect is attached to the equipment.

The issue here is that even though there is a restraining cable secured to the equipment, there is no swivel device to remove strain from the hose. These gas hoses appear to be pliable since the outside is a rubber material, but a gas hose like this has a rubber exterior, braided metal to protect the hose, and then a metal gas line as the interior.

Imagine taking a metal paperclip and straightening it, then bending it back, then straightening it again.

Eventually this paper clip will snap. The same thing happens with the gas line inside this hose. moving it out, then back in, then out will cause it to crack inside. When that occurs gas will inevitable leak out the seal on one of the ends.

Gas leaks can be dangerous and are much more expensive to repair then adding a swivel to each end. In fact, in most cases, two swivels alone are less expensive than a new hose. If the hose leaks, you’ll have service costs as well as parts markup to pay.

It should be noted here that once a leak presents itself you MUST replace the hose without continued use. You cannot tape, glue, or wrap a leak to continue it’s use.

Here is a similar setup using restrain gas swivels on each end. These swivels allow the hose to move without putting any strain on the hose itself and protects your hose for the a “lifetime” according to the warranty.

Here is the warranty provided by Dormont, the standard in commercial gas hoses.

If you don’t use swivels and restraining devices you won’t be protected by a warranty.

Dormont offers a “lifetime warranty” on the hose, but what isn’t as transparent is that they do not honor a warranty if the hose isn’t protected with a swivel and restraining cable.

If you find yourself with a emergency high cost gas hose replacements or want to protect your equipment further we can install these swivels cost effectively. We can also provide quick replacement when needed. Furthermore, all of our preventative maintenance plan includes routine gas line inspections.