Fountain Soda Machines

If you aren’t routinely cleaning your soda machine ice dispenser you may be serving up more than just ice.

Routine maintenance of soda machines ensures that the moisture that ice produces when it melts isn’t turning into mold as it sits dormant in crevices and areas that aren’t frequently wiped clean.

Here is the beginning of mold built up with the lever rests on the dispenser water is trapped and begins to thicken and become orange/red

The best way to ensure this is happening at your restaurant on a regular basis is to create a “maintenance” or “cleaning” schedule. Ice chutes and dispensers should be deep cleaned and sanitized weekly to prevent mold from building up. Mold from water will begin as a clear to red thick substance that left alone will change from red to brown to black. The black mold looks like sludge, easily falls into cups, and can make your guests ill.

Left untouched this mold can easily turn black.

Inside the soda machines there is often more moving parts that assist in delivering the ice to the chute and then to the cup. Removing these parts may not be as easy as the front facing ones, but still essential in maintaining food safety.

Our team of professionals can assist with clean-up. We can help build cleaning schedules, perform routine maintenance on a schedule, or come in for one time cleaning to detail those machines.

It’s always best to perform some of these functions in-house, but when you are focusing on the operations that isn’t always possible. Reach out to us to provide those services.