Our Partner Clients

We spend a lot of time posting before and after pictures of the work that we do. We want to be certain that prospective customers get an understanding of the quality of work that we provide. We also like to be able to show examples of what we do, especially when we spend so much time working on areas that may never actually be seen otherwise. You might see pictures that are familiar or resemble places you like to dine at.

We want to be 100% sure that anyone looking at our projects understands that those establishments are the great ones you should feel comfortable dining at.

The before and after pictures are of work we’ve actually performed, and we perform that work at the request of our partners. It’s easy to look at a dirty picture and think “I would never want to eat there”. What you might be missing is that the reason we have the picture is because our partners understand how essential it is to hire a service to clean those areas and protect their guests.

We are lucky to partner with such great businesses that look out for your health.

After looking though some of our gallery you might find yourself looking more closely at the places you dine. Perhaps you are a restaurant operator yourself and those pictures help you realize that it might be time for some deep cleaning. We are always happily taking new clients, honored that they choose us, and we work to protect their brands. Please visit the Contact-Us Page if you have a restaurant, or frequent a restaurant that may be in need of some special Paranoid Android love. We’d be happy to follow up and provide more information on our services.