Commercial Fryer Cleaning And Repair In Minnesota

In almost every type of restaurant or food service venue, a commercial deep fryer is an essential piece of kitchen equipment. This is true for high-end restaurants as well as for food trucks and fast-food restaurants in Minnesota. Keeping your commercial fryer well maintained and cleaned is just one of the many services we offer at Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance.

Commercial Fryer Cleaning Tips

We recommend commercial fryer cleaning on a scheduled basis. Most manufacturers advise their customers that commercial fryer cleaning should occur about once every two to three months. However, with heavy or extensive use, or with incorrect use of the fryer, cleaning may be needed more routinely.

Keep in mind, this involves draining the oil, using a special cleaning solution in the vat to allow it to come up to heat. They, cleaning the interior of the vat and all components with a soft brush to remove debris.

Repair Services for Restaurant Fryers

Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance has the technicians on call to complete restaurant fryer repair in Minnesota. We take the time to understand the problem so that the right technician or professional shows up to complete the repair the first time.

We also take the time to answer questions about your restaurant fryer repair and even provide insight into how to prevent the problem in the future. In most situations, routine maintenance plans from Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance are an effective way to reduce the need for restaurant fryer repair and unanticipated equipment downtime.