The dust is out of side, not out of mind

Ensuring that your dining rooms remain dust-free is not only a great business practice to entice customers to return to your restaurant, but a necessity that is often skipped as a cost savings measure.  The dust particles that are in your duct work, vent covers, and rungs of the ceiling contain millions of harmful bacteria and microbes that easily spread to the guests and crew.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. -Marie Kondo

Setting up regular high dusting cleaning service will ensure that your guests and crew have the best chance at staying healthy while dining and working in your establishment.  Often times an initial cleaning can look extremely costly, but routine cleanings are very inexpensive as long as they are maintained.

Even if you decide you wish to set up a high dusting plan in-house we recommend having Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance provide you with the initial cleaning to get you set up.  We can also provide consulting services to ensure your plan is air tight.