Equipment Power Cords

Missing ground on power cord.

Much of the equipment in your restaurant today is powered by electricity. Even gas burning grills, stoves, and ovens often have control units that require power to operate. There is no worse unexpected expense than an emergency call to the repair technician because your power cord is no longer functioning.

Maybe this story sounds familiar…You go to turn on your gas griddle and there is no power. You make a quick emergency call to your Kitchen Repair company and they arrive (trip charge and first hourly rate) only to tell you that they can’t work on the cord or outlet because “that requires an electrician”. You then make a second call and the electrician arrives (another trip charge) and makes the repair. This repair cost more than double what was expected and you are also missing sales from the time it took for them to repair it.

A similar example often happens when reaching directly out to an electrician. Often times electricians don’t want to work inside the equipment when the cord that is damaged enters the equipment and is “part of” the equipment in question. This might require a second call for the kitchen repair company to open the equipment up to allow work on the cord.

Cords like this one are “240 volt”. They have two hot wires that each carry 120 volts of electricity. The voltage then completes the circuit using the ground as a neutral line.

You may not even know there is an issue with the cord itself and not know who to call at all. In the above example, crew members have been unplugging the power cord end by pulling on the cord. This put force on the wires inside and broke the circuit by disconnecting the ground wire.

You can see once open that the ground is not connected (green wire). This can not only cause the unit to malfunction, but is also a major shocking hazard for your team. With no ground present electricity becomes live when plugged in and will travel it’s path of least resistance. Often times that path is the person touching it.

At Paranoid Android Restaurant Maintenance we provide kitchen equipment preventative plans that will ensure our techs catch these and any plug/cord related issues before they require an emergency visit. We replace “cord rotted” cords, plugs that have missing grounds, and inspect every piece of equipment.

In the event that you find yourself needing emergency cord/plug repairs, we will ensure that the person who shows up is the person who does the repair. Our techs will dive into equipment, remove the ground stuck in the outlet, and ensure you are 100% satisfied before they leave. We are prompt, quick, and efficient. We understand your cost is not just the bill, but any missed sales from down time as well.