Ice Makers can make more than ice.

Every restaurant has at least one ice machine. Some ice machines are found in the back of house where crew can scoop and serve directly into glasses for the guests. Others may have units directly on top of self serving beverage machines, or the crew fills the self-serve bins with ice from the back of house. No matter what style, brand, or type of ice maker your business has, it must be maintained.

Ice makers are dark and moist machines that take water and freeze it to form the cubes for serving up delicious beverages. The problem with moist dark areas it is that they are the prime environment for mildew and mold to grow. If you aren’t self-performing routine cleaning, or hiring a professional to clean it for you. You could be make more than just ice inside of your machine.

The same goes for the machines that are used to dispense the ice.

If your restaurant is not full service, or you allow guests to “self-serve” the beverage area, the chances are great that you have a unit in the dining area that is accessible for guest to fill their cups up with ice. This area is also an excellent catalyst for the growth of mold and mildew.

Mildew and mold can easily build-up in the areas moisture is trapped. Without routine maintenance your restaurant could be serving up “Mold and Coke”. If this is visible to the guest it can also provide a negative dining experience which will inevitably effect sales. Customers may not return, or worse, snap a quick picture and post it on social media tagging your place of business.

Paranoid Android Preventative Maintenance and Ice Machine Cleaning

The professional team at Paranoid Android can provide custom preventative plans that include ice machine, and soda machine cleanings. We also can simply provide you with single service cleanings at any time. Whether you want to save money with a plan or just get us in there to clean it, we are here to help.

If you are a business owner that really wants to have the type of maintenance built-in to your training and operations we can also assist. We can train your team on how to properly maintain it, provide audits and inspections, set up calendars and schedules and provide follow up plans. Each of our preventative maintenance plans is customized for your needs, but don’t stress if all this sound too complicated. We are completely happy just taking away any stress and organizing the preventative plan, performing them for you, or just stopping in for a one-time cleaning.